Ghent Hot Chocolate

The world is a better place for chocolate. And before you ask I am of the male gender so that statement has even more relevance. Females of course have a chocolate gene inbuilt into their DNA  thus liking chocolate to them is akin to drawing breath. Like most foodstuffs chocolate has suffered good and bad press over the years. At the moment it’s on the accent, the greatest ingredient ever known with an innate ability to cure every known disease, or at least disguise the symptoms. The research; thought to have been conducted by a bunch of females during a visit to Thornton’s may have a bias but what the hell.  My research centres on the presentation of hot chocolate. No I though of it first you go and find your own research topic. I believe the presentation and taste of this delicacy indicates a cultural statement of such impact it beggars belief  a government department is not involved. OFCHOC or more appropriately ONCHOC would probably headed by our man Eric Pickles.

My latest review centres on the preparation served by the Leonidas chocolate shop in Ghent. Being in Brussels gives them a huge head start. The presentation was incredible and the taste divine. All they have to work on now is the art of serving it hot. But I can live with the other two parameters in the meantime.

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