Bel Trio, Quel Due and The Dwyers Present Future of Music

The arts are taking a server hammering during the recession. Government cutbacks have a substantial impact, not just now but in providing the structure for the future. Performing arts arguably incurring the greatest effect.

It is good to see that many have adjusted to the new challenge. Not a perfect solution but many a great idea is born through necessity. The Leeds College of Music and the Leeds City Council have joined forces to present their winter series of one hour lunchtime Chamber music concerts. Incredibly this series is free. Some brilliant young musicians showcase their talent giving the audience a delight and the musicians the experience of playing to an audience.

There is a retiring collection which pays the travel expenses, and being up north causes a small dilemma. How much is a minimum contribution? It’s free thus is should be something approaching nowt. But that can’t be right? The nominal donation is around £1 which means the range of donation is around 20p to £5. Perhaps the organisers need to remove the element of choice or pre-empt the donation. A minimum of £1 per head should generate a lot more vital funds for the college or help offset the costs.

In the meantime, if you pardon the pun, recent examples of some brilliant budding musicians, whose skill is enlarged by their youth were Bel Trio a string ensemble, Quei Due a jazz duo with Caterina Comeglio a very skilful Italian born singer and Adam Taylor on the guitar, and this week a due of harpists – naturally from Wales who were also sisters. You’ve got to be from Wales to be a harpist and if you are called Elfair and Rhiain Dyer so much the better.


If you are in Leeds on a Wednesday at 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock at the Leeds college of music it is well worth a visit – and a donation!

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