Facebook and Google Know Who What Where and When

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The most scariest thing in the news; no nothing to do with Putin, nerve agents, Jezza or crying cricketers. To me it’s the info and search data held by Facebook and the Googles of the world.

This is compounded  by the level and speed of incitement that can be stirred in our younger members of society by social media. This wonderful world of rapid access has suddenly gone horribly sour. And I had to count myself as one of those who rated themselves as too bleeding dull to warrant being of any interest to the digital world guys.

Urged by a Times newspaper article that described the wealth of data the bad guys eat for breakfast I followed their routines to bin the evidence. Not easily done if you are a cross between a Luddite and a slow learner. The paper urged to switch off this, that and most of the other. Delete all history, stop using auto fill and tell the smart things in your life to sod off remembering passwords. There is not a lot left to the meaning of life as we know it after this level of pruning.

The process of finding all the erase buttons is complex. The bad guys have hidden them all over the place. Before you press delete a string of questions, mostly written with double negatives and reversed logic. Tick here if you don’t want this, untick the box if you might not need this. All of it seems to try and trick you to inadvertently tick the wrong box or leave the slide saying yes when you thought it said no. Clever guys, the last thing they want is you to erase your history, searches and activity; they all mean money to them

Trust no one is de rigour. If it’s free it’s full of tricks. Terms and Conditions, t and c’s are best described as Tricks and Cons. And so enter the world where you have an alias, false birthdate, no fixed abode and you always use the “incognito” facility on web pages. But you also enter a world where there are no distracting adverts, and no purchase prompts that urge to buy something you bought last week. But somehow you get the feeling that whilst you are hiding from the bad guys they are dreaming up some form of retaliation, after all they have all the bright guys working for them and we mere mortals this need to have their wits about them constantly.

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