Magic Porridge Pot

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There are occasions when the avarice of man can lead to a misconceived outcome. 

It is a long established rule that supermarkets place special offers at the end of the isles to attract men. BOGOF (buy one get one free) fits this category like a glove. Many’s the time the thought of getting owt for nowt has loaded the trolley unnecessarily with multiple purchases that will last way beyond any use date by or replenishing cycle. Extravagance fights with financial logic and dubious wins.

With this situation in mind I entered the realms of Aladdin’s cave. Currently trading as a “German discounters” itself a strange term invented by their British competition who feel offering customers a better deal was an affront. But there on the end of their isle was a pack of own brand “Shreddies” equivalent cereal. Not only was it a special giant pack, to top it all – on special as well. Serendipity if you have been tasked with its acquisition. 

Back at base the tasting session the following morning didn’t go well. Some of the hidden ingredients  clearly added by the big boys were missing. Bland summarised the situation, but undaunted I felt this could be addressed by adding some modifying ingredients. See Bang Bang Turkey article below. This would avoid waste and the looming accusation of “told you so”. 

This quest was enhanced by the appearance of some own brand of “Shreddies” with a difference with the other German chaps. They had glued granola to their Shreddies. A packet was purchased for quality assessment. Tasted OK but had the texture of eating flavoured gravel. What if I added a packet of standard granola without bonding the molecules together. Back home pack A was duly added to pack B with a  bit of shake to disperse the ingredients. The tasting session went well but revealed further improvement required. Another pack of granola was duly whacked in. It was all starting to resemble the magic porridge pot. The overall volume of modified Shreddies had approached biblical proportions. 

We should all learn from our mistakes – it’s part of the learning process. Munching my way through this enormous amount of bleeding modified Shreddies is taking some doing, but I am trying, honestly, I am, despite the knowing looks.

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