Silk Road Reopens

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Sometimes we can sit and think; are we somehow in the audience of a vast theatre where all the players are politicians and we are witnessing make believe. None of this is real because it is so far fetched.

At the head of many vast organisations and even countries there sits a person completely out of their depth. Transfixed in the headlights of responsibility they sit comfortably on their huge egos. If you were to ask the average Joe or Joan in the street they would have a logical solution to most situations whilst the boys and girls at the top pontificate and flounder. 

In the UK we have Brexit, the USA is closing all its overseas doors to make America great again, well apart from social media. France is betwixt a desire to become the go to guys in world diplomacy and trade union crises at home. Germany is focused on who is going to replace Mrs Merkel and how to bypass its own rules on car sale ethics. 

China in the meantime has spotted a massive opportunity by not reinventing the wheel. What goes round comes round is in vogue. The Chinese chaps are focussed on rebuilding the Silk Road  on a huge scale and streamline all the trading opportunities this entails. The so called “Belt and Road” project will also reduce the current logistical timescale nightmare of moving most goods by sea.

Big problems have, however,  popped up in India and Pakistan. The Silk Road needs to cross Kashmir and both these guys claim it is their backyard. Scuffles in Kashmir are frequent and are currently proving a theory first established by Einstein. “I know not what weapons will be used in World War III, but in World War IV they will use sticks and stones.” At present, thankfully,  the Indians and Pakistani forces are throwing punches and stones at each other in Kashmir border skirmishes.  As both hold nuclear armouries this is good. Well done Einstein.

For Britain to benefit from the Silk Road we need the train line from China to nip under or over the English Channel and link up with our somewhat knackered rail infrastructure. But there is hope. If China can join up all the dots from Beijing to Dover surely we can find the next Brunel to sort the UK. 


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