Groundhog Brexit

One of the downsides of a campaign primarily based on assumption is the annoying emergence of facts. These pop up with the primary objective to irritate and annoy.

Most of the U.K. and all of the EU are clearly sick of Brexit. It has ruined many a good lunch in Brussels. If we had behaved and not critised the immense gravy train that is the Brussels, or that 50% of all EU projects have no cear audit trail of expenditure. Or they required two massive locations (Brusels and Strassburg) or the mass exodus of MEP’s every Friday morning after they had claimed their expenses for the day, none of the Brexit thing would have arisen.

Instead, we are witnessing 650 guys in Westminster running around like headless chickens trying to look both important and indignant. Brussels is insistent that we invent the rules of the Brexit game whilst they stand with their arms crossed muttering and rejecting stuff for the hell of it attempt to look important and make the departure damn difficult – in case the other guys are tempted to think about it.

Whilst Brussels have proven without a doubt they are aloof the impasse has revealed Westminster to be equally a bunch of muppets. Their London centric outlook has mirrored all the ills of the EU. The history books will become massive in order to contain all the facts and figures of the Brexit debate. And directors will struggle to portray the key issues in any film under 6 hours.

Tick Tock of Brexit Clock

As we wait with bated breath the guys in Westminster behave in a manner that would scare the bejabbers from all except Gengis Khan.

For some strange reason the political bods in Westminster and Brussels believe the average man in the street fully comprehends the words of wisdom set out in a 850 page document none of us has seen. 

We rely on a bunch of chaps who are either for or against Brexit. This being slightly confused by constituents who may have voted with an opposite majority. And then again by party leaders who also find themselves supporting the opposite policy to that which they voted for. In out in out and shake it all about.

If we check out the negotiating team in Brussels their job was to listen then say no which is far better than saying yes or suggesting alternatives. But this is no shock. The whole Brexit thing arose because the EU have been doing their own thing for years and invoicing the U.K. accordingly. 

Emaculate Macron Takes a Swipe At the UK

One of the many factors that drove the majority of UK voters to chuck the EU into the skip was the amazingly arrogant and insular behaviour of the european bureaucrats. Followed closely by our London centric parliament.

It all seems to be getting nasty, with the opposing sides staring at each other in the menacing way of boxers at the weigh in. The recent Salzburg summit gathering of the 27 great and good, are by their behaviour gooding us into a retaliatory move, a severe case of sod you Europe. A least now we can have the whole of parliament joining the common goal of a no deal Brexit, with all the okpoutuities that this could present.

The “staged’ photo shots of the 27 suits with their backs to the camera, leaving only Teressa  facing the front, couldn’t be more prosaic. The second biggest contributor to the EU coffers is thanked for all the cash in the past but now sod off, again.

If ever a single leader chose the moment to poke us in the eye, and thereby spurred us on to the next move it is wee Emaculate Macron. Who, just before leaving for his next lesson in diplomacy, and currently speaking for himself  said our parliament told us all lies about Brexit. This we have know for centuries, it goes with the job, but it is a poor show the Emaculate one could not think of  solution to the debate, and opted to whinge from the sidelines with his back to the audience.

Brexit Bewilderment


The Salisbury shenanigans,  complete with the innuendo, accusations and probable guilty party has scared us all. Go on admit it, we have grabbed a tiger by its tail, who can’t be concerned.

There is an upside, however, the news has been diverted from Brexit for a few nano seconds. And we’re back; the boys are in the playground once more arguing the toss over who is going to get what from whom and when.

Disccussions involve more angst than your best ever divorce, with the legal fraternity getting paid buckets of cash in the process. Talking of handsome payments,  PWC the administrators of Carillion have been awarded £20m so far for services rendered.  And we mortals wonder why the company went bust.

On element of Brexit that has not popped up onto the table yet is British summer time. Are we still going to wobble the clocks when we leave the EU?

The chappy who has popped his hat into the South Yorkshire mayoral election ring is an MP. He still wants to be an MP if he is elected which implies it is a part time role. This is a bit of a slap as South Yorkshire has suffered quite badly from being ‘up North’ and therfore a million miles from our London centric operations. If ‘owt is to be achieved  the SY Major needs to be a red hot and dedicated poker. But you can’t see his point. A recent survey indicated 85% of the SY electorate want the mayor to have jurisdiction over the whole of Yorkshire. And to this end another election, for the Yorkshire Mayor is to be held in 2020. This will chuck the SY Mayor’s role into the skip after just two years.

Our man wanting to retain his job as an MP therefore is a realist. It also indicates that Westminster, who are organising these shenanigans  (yes even more of them) have missed a trick. These scary events serve little to consol us up north that they will know what to do with Brexit.

Is There An EU Proposal for Brexit


The season of party political  conferences is amongst us. A mixture of bright and sometimes scary ideas emerge of which deep, deep down you know the vast majority will never be actioned. Phew you might add, at least the conferences will not be plagued with endless discussions on Brexit because, with a nod to the French;  it’s all a fait acompli.

But wait, the government are all of dither as to what to do, when to do it and indeed how to do it. And now Labour are having a nod towards abandoning leaving all together and asking for the ball back. The background soundtrack to the news has switched to the “Hokey Cokey” – You put your left leg in , your left out and you shake it all about, etc. The  remaining countries or EU27 as they are now called must be wondering which way is up. A saving grace maybe the French are having a close look at ‘Jupiter’, their new leader ‘s crown seems a size too large and has slipped down around his mouth. The Germans’  Angel – Angela has got her work cut out dealing with a huge upswing in domestic issues. So who is left to sit at the Brexit table? Clearly not our chap David Davies who seems to only pop in now and again. Bojo Johnson spends his waking hours trying to remove his foot from his mouth and Tessa May has only just spotted the age old management adage – there is no ‘I’ in the word TEAM.

The negotiations appear to be all British led. The reactive stance by Michel Barnier is similar to the game of Battleships where Britain chucks in a couple of proposals and M Barnier advises if we have hit the target or more likely not. What if the  table are turned and the EU is charged with originating the exit proposal – to get them into a proactive frame of mind. And pigs night fly.