Time Expired Beer

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It’s almost spring and the body craves that ancient ritual of spring cleaning. Out with the old, unused, duplicates and time expired matter from cupboards etc.

This makes sense providing you can also let go of the cherished without inventing an excuse to retain everything. This point was severely tested recently. I discovered a number of bottles and cans of beer and lager bought over the years for guests. Being a real ale fan they fell short of the essentials ingredients to hit the mark. And they come in clusters. But it proved anathema to common sense to merely chuck them out. And the recycling police insist they be empty.

A dilemma. Wasting beer must be a criminal offence somewhere in the world. Probably Australia. I am trying to convince myself the best before date is arbitrary and that if a bottle of beer has exceeded the BBE it merely indicates a minor deterioration in flavour rather than becoming chemically toxic. I will let you know how this experiment progresses.


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