British ‘Terracotta Army’

This fascinating sculpture by the British -Trinidadian artist Zak Ove’ is certainly “value” for money. As well as the visual impact of a single warrior the fact there are 80 of them each standing two metres high and arranged in regimented rows adds hugely to the drama. The overall impression is akin to the terracotta warriors of the Qin  Shi Huang tomb in Xi’an, China.

The Zak Ove sculpture, and a full description of this magnificent work  can seen at the Yorkshire Sculture Park  

Alistair Owens

The meandering thoughts of someone with too much time on his hands. Tending to see the obscure and irrelevant in most events I have been forced to record this by family members as a means of diverting attention away from them. But I see their plan.

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