TV Drama Is Too Realistic

In the midst of a lockdown we all need cheering up, especially me. The BBC have suffered from filming restrictions impacting on the content, but whilst some programmes have benefitted from social distancing, notably the seasonal “Watch” programmes where the presenters are in different parts of the UK. It works. But other TV series have suffered badly with a significant dose of gloom.

The entire storyline of say “Holby City” has been dire, and has managed to destroy most of the central characters. It has become as dark as ‘Eastenders’, if that was possible. All the central cast have been playing breakdown storylines that defy logic. The happy well knitted team has fragmented into scenarios that would scare the bejabbers out of any potential patient let alone the effect from the onslaught of Covid. Jac the senior surgeon who left a few episodes ago had a lucky escape.

Perhaps the government should launch another covid rule. Now TV programmes should feature dark themes despite how realistic they are. At the moment we need some good and positive propaganda. Hold the truth until we are all breathing again!

Alistair Owens

The meandering thoughts of someone with too much time on his hands. Tending to see the obscure and irrelevant in most events I have been forced to record this by family members as a means of diverting attention away from them. But I see their plan.

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